How To Use Headphones with PS4; Best Guide


Using headphones with PS4 can boost your gaming experience; you can hear the footsteps of your enemy to never miss a shot or you can enjoy the crispy Tire Burns of the in-game racing car. But sadly, every headphone is not compatible with PS4. This is why most gamers often complain about their headphones not connecting to the PS4. Are you facing these issues? If yes, you are in at the right door. This blog will help you solve your problems regarding connecting headphones to PS4 regardless of your headset type. 

Can Headphones Be Used Regularly With PS4?

Absolutely! Headphones can be used regularly with PS4. 

Sometimes the situation becomes challenging where headphones are the only way. This has to be accepted by everyone who is a gamer and loves to play late-night games with a friend without disturbing his or her sleeping siblings or parents. Not to mention that if you don’t have a microphone in headphones, you will not be able to join your squad in voice chats and it feels like you are left alone. 

Also without headphones, it is not reasonably possible to enjoy any game without crystal clear sounds. Headphones are a necessary component for any gamer out there. Here are two grades of headphones.

CTIA-Certified Headphones  

Play Station 4 sticks to Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) standards. This indicates that the majority of headphones should function without issue, but some might need some modification or other equipment.

OTMP-Certified Headphones

The OMTP has the microphone connector point at the bottom of the link and the dock connector on the second ring. Connecting these headphones to the OMTP jack will cause compatibility issues, and the audio will be too quiet.

How You Can Connect Wired Headphones to a PS4

Most headsets can connect comfortably with Play Station 4 by following some basic steps. You can connect either Supported Wired Headphones or Non-Supported Wired Headphones and it depends on what you have on hand. In general, here is the guide to connecting supported or non-supported wired headphones to PS4.

How Supported Wired Headphones Are Connected? 

If your Headphones support a 3.5mm jack they should work normally fine with PS4. They can connect whether they are Play Station certified or not. Following are the steps for connecting supported headphones with PS4:

  • Turn your PS4 on and slide down to settings.
  • Scroll down until you see Devices.
  • Click on devices and you will see a list of all possible devices which can connect to Ps4. since our goal is to connect the headphone  we will go to Audio Devices
  • Connect your headset to your PS4 controller.


  • Go to Output Devices, and select the headset connected to the controller.
  • Return to the Audio Device page and then choose “output to headphones”, and click all the audio.

How Non-Supported Wired Headphones Are Connected To PS4

Though it seems hard, you can always connect your non-supported headphones with the PS4 but with a technique. And for this technique, you need to understand how these headphones work. As mentioned before, it is important to note that there are two standards for most headsets.

  • CTIA (Cellular Telecommunication and the Internet Association)
  • OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform)


The OMTP has the microphone connector point at the bottom of the link and the dock connector on the second ring. Connecting these headphones to the OMTP jack will cause compatibility issues, and the audio will be too quiet. PS4 uses the CTIA standards so if you are willing to use OMTP headphones, you will have to use CTIA to OMTP Adapter/Converters. 

Do Not Worry: You can always purchase a CTIA or OMTP converter from your nearest accessory retailer and that won’t even cost you a heavy budget! 

How You Can Connect Wireless Headphones to a PS4 

You might click it through Bluetooth but actually, it’s not the case always. There are many ways to connect wireless headphones to PS4 however, it is necessary to know that not all Bluetooth headsets work properly. That is because Sony, the brand owner of PS4, configures its Bluetooth Connections, which are limited to PS4-CERTIFIED headphones only. Still, take a chill pill! Other non-compatible headphones can also be used with the PS4 using some tricks.

How Can You Connect PlayStation Wireless Headset To PS4?

You must be having a premium headset that comes along with PS4 compatibility and if you do, the connection is a piece of cake. As they are officially compatible, connecting these to the PS4 can easily be done following the guidelines provided in the manual, and here’s how; 

  • First, be sure of your headphone charging.
  • Connect the headphone to your PS4.
  • Turn on your headphone in pairing mode once the light stop flashing and turn into solid color it means your headset is successfully connected.
  • Go to Settings using the controller.
  • Scroll down to Devices.
  • Select Bluetooth Devices.
  • Keep your Headphone in pairing mode.
  • Until the PS4 detects nearby Bluetooth devices Keep waiting.
  • When your headphone appears in Bluetooth Devices, click on them until it connects.
  • Furthermore, it might be essential to complete the connection after registration.

How Can you Connect Non-Compatible Wireless-Headphones To PS4?

Here comes the tough part – making the incompatible ones somehow compatible is a tricky thing to do, but, not impossible. The method explained below can work for regular Bluetooth Headphones that are not officially compatible with PS4. Here’s how you can do it! 

PS4 Remote Play App – This method is not perfect, as there are chances that they might not work on unverified Devices and games. However, it`s worth a try, if you did not want to spend on Bluetooth Dongles, this app provides you to access your Play Station 4  with your smartphone through a WI-Fi Connection. It allows you to play games through your Mobile Device as a controller. The following steps are taken to use this app; 


  • Install the PS4 Remote Play application from Play Store or Apple Store.
  • On your PS4, activate the remote play feature by going to Settings and then selecting ‘Connection Settings’ in Remote Play.
  • Check that remote play is turned on, on the PS4.
  • Select Add Device then you will see 8 Digits Code.
  • On your Remote Play app, you will see the 8 digits code. add that code to register your device.

Using Bluetooth Dongle – Need to experience the best experience of gaming? you would probably need to invest in Bluetooth Dongle. 

  • Plug the USB Bluetooth Dongle and wait until it starts its pairing mode.
  • Turn your Headphones on and place them in pairing mode, wait until it connects with your PS4.
  • Now enter the microphone in your controller’s 3.5mm jack.
  • Enjoy!


Hope so, you can now use your headsets on your Play Station 4 whether you are using wired, wireless, compatible, or non-compatible ones. Though we have mentioned in detail if you face any error, try to repeat the steps and you’ll get to connect expectedly! 

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