In today’s tech era, most people are addicted to Netflix, Music, or other content. You will second that sleeping with the headphones on has become an everyday matter and this is no issue until the bad happens. If you sleep with the headphones on, you might find them bent down or broken in the morning (that isn’t the weight of your dreams, relax!!). 

If you are so fond of listening to something until you fall asleep, you might be wondering about the right way to sleep with the headphones on and still finding them all okay the next morning. So, wondering how to sleep with headphones without breaking them? 

Worry not, being a freak that loves listening to hours-long melodious tunes in the night, I exactly know how to win the battle. Without any suspense, let me straight tell you how to sleep with headphones without breaking them! 

Is It Safe To Sleep With Headphones?

Despite all your reasons for wearing it at night, a headphone is ultimately either plastic or some metal and cannot be safe to wear overnight. However, if you are so fond of it, you can maintain safety as much as possible by trying some tricks and techniques that are explained below. So, the safety of sleeping with headphones on primarily depends on how you wear them. If you are using durable and comfortable wireless headphones, you need to worry less. However, in contrast, if you are using wired headphones and have some average build quality, there are some tips and tricks you need to follow!

Tips And Tricks for Preventing Headphones Breaking While Sleeping.

These methods pose several challenges in terms of Comfort, Health, and Safety. So let’s get into more detail regarding sleeping with headphones without breaking them.

Use Headphones That Fits Correctly


Probably the most basic thing that you can do to avoid breaking the headphones while sleeping is to find the correct headphone which fit perfectly. If the headphones don’t fit correctly, the chances of falling off the headphones while sleeping increase. You could accidentally move on them while sleeping and they might break. Aside from this, getting the right headphone is also important for the safety of the ears. Make sure the headphone you choose fits perfectly and comfortably around your ears.

Try To Switch On Wireless Headphones


If you take standard wired headphones, they pose a safety risk as well. Normally while sleeping we have limited control over our movements. We turn and twist several times which can tighten a wire noose around our neck, or snag the cord which is extremely risky. So wired headphones can be extremely risky while sleeping. To potentially solve this problem, wireless headphones are a quite better option.

Try Different Sleeping Positions


The sleeping positions can be also responsible for breaking your headphones.  Especially if you sleep on your stomach or a side.  While most people resist changing the sleeping position they adopted for a long time. It’s one of the best alternatives they can opt for.  Especially if you don’t want to purchase a set of headphones every month. Sleeping on your back is one of the best positions to prevent your headphones from breaking while sleeping. There are fewer chances of your headphones falling while you sleep on your back. However, this is less effective if you are one of those who constantly change their positions while sleeping.

Get The Right And Comfy Pillow


Basically, pillows are not designed or made to support headphones. Pillows primarily focus on comfort during sleep. But some headphones are specially designed with a hole or indent to accumulate the cup of most headphones. The purpose of this is to relieve the pressure of the headphone in the pillow that causes it to break. But it may be uncomfortable while you try to move around or sleep on your back as it is mostly designed for side sleepers.


Sleeping with headphones can be risky for both your headphones and your safety. However, there are some tips to help you minimize the chances of breaking them while enjoying music or podcasts at bedtime. Firstly, choose headphones that fit well and comfortably around your ears. This ensures a secure fit and reduces the risk of them falling off or getting damaged while you sleep.

Consider using wireless headphones instead of wired ones. Wired headphones can pose a safety risk, as the cords can tangle around your neck or get caught on something during sleep. Wireless headphones eliminate this risk and give you more freedom to move without worrying about damaging the cables.

Your sleeping position can also affect the safety of your headphones. Sleeping on your back is the best position to prevent them from breaking, as there is less chance of them falling off. If you prefer sleeping on your stomach or side, be cautious and avoid putting pressure on the headphones.

Having the right pillow can make a difference too. Some headphones have a design that accommodates the shape of the ear cups, which can help relieve pressure when resting your head on the pillow. However, keep in mind that these specialized pillows may be more comfortable for side sleepers. Remember, prioritize your safety and comfort. If sleeping with headphones is uncomfortable or poses risks, consider alternative options such as using a wireless speaker or a sleep mask with built-in speakers.

Sleep well and enjoy your audio responsibly!

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