Music love and the latest trends in technology in lifestyle consider having a headphone. Regardless of how frequently, intensely, or professionally you listen to music, you may be aware of the value of having high-quality sound and how important volume settings are to attaining this.

But daily wear and tear, app and desktop settings, and more can diminish the volume of your headwear and listening quality. To once again re-enjoy the listening experience, you may need to make some adjustments.

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It should be noted that the average safe listening time of audio is 8 hours at 85 decibels which may sound like a hair dryer. It means you can listen to music for 8 hours at the mid-volume range, or else it can be harmful. If your headphones are generating below-average sound then there are a few steps you can follow to increase the sound of your headphones. 

6 Tricks To Increase Sound

As I am an enthusiastic gamer, I know the worth of the voice quality of the headphone. To always ensure a high-quality sound, I have made different changes using different tricks and this list is the essence of this years-long experience. Thus, I have picked the most effective list that can probably be helpful to resolve the issues regarding low sound.

  • Clean Your Headphones

Cleaning them is the easiest and quickest way to make these big buddies louder. You can easily overlook some of the most simple solutions. If you use them often, probably they will get dust and earwax buildups. Cotton swabs, alcohol wipes, or a small cloth are a couple of things that can help to increase the lifespan of your headwear and sound quality. But remember not to be forceful!


To start cleaning, Gently remove and wipe down the outer earpads with an Alcohol wipe, as they are dry take a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and clean the inner part of your headwear. 

  • Boost Volume In Music Apps

If you are a Music lover, you will probably know that music apps like Spotify, Itunes, Soundcloud, and Play Music have their volume settings. Playback can sound different depending on what platform you are using because each platform has its default settings. You just need to know how to access these settings to boost the volume of sound. 


As an example, Spotify has its setting called “Equalizer Settings” and by adjusting these, you can get the crispiest bass-boosted sounds or surround sound experience. 

  • Use A Volume Boosting App

You can find several apps on Playstore or Appstore which can boost the volume of your device, these apps are made solely to help boost your audio output. These apps work with your phone’s built-in audio tool to override its maximum settings. But be cautious, listening to music at higher volume may cause hearing problems. Here are some apps you can try to boost volume.



  • Adjust Your PC`s Or Mac’s Sound

Whether it’s a PC or Macbook you can change sound settings here as well to boost the volume for your headwear. For the users of Microsoft Windows, the feature called “Volume Mixer” is a game changer. This feature allows you to set volume settings for individual speakers or headphones. 

Key Method For PC:

  • Right-clicking the volume icon or searching “ Adjust Volume Settings “ in the Windows control panel will open the settings.

Key Method For Mac:

You can change sound settings on Mac as well, to do so click on the apple icon in the top left corner of the desktop, and open system preference to locate the sound menu. Here you will find the list of output options it will show you the volume levels of the connected device you are using. 

  • Adjust Equalizer Settings

Equalizer settings can improve the quality of sound in your phones and headphones. Equalizers on phones are usually optimized by the developer for a standard listening experience. On IOS devices, there is a list of different equalizer settings that vary depending on the environment; in loud environments, the late-night setting gives a next-level experience. Same as iOS, Android also comes packed with these settings so you can enjoy the crisp of your choice. Android offers treble, vocal, and instrument settings to be more precise with your levels. Also, there are some tweaks to increase the decibels of volume.

  • Disable Volume Limitations

Smartphones have volume-limit tools for your safety; your android may or may not have them. If you are a Galaxy or equivalent user, you can check ‘sounds and vibrations in the settings to disable the sound limits.

Apple’s “Volume Limit” feature also has to be enabled or disabled. Here is how you can do it. You can follow Settings > Music > Volume Limit > Disable.

Apple has also created the “Sound Check “ feature which plays the music at a consistent level regardless of how loud the music file is. It can only be applied to downloaded songs or Apple music and can be found in iPhone Music Menu.

Buy A New Pair Of Headphones

If all else fails, it is better to switch your old headphone to the new ones. The process can be overwhelming, especially when you see different features and specifications between brands. Many brands are offering headphones with exclusive features that are also pocket-friendly; all you need to do is be smart and choose wisely! 

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