How To Connect Sony Headphones With Macbook Air ; Premium Guide


“With the power of creativity and technology, fill the world with emotion!.” This is the slogan Sony uses for themself, and they are more than right! We all know how good Sony is as a brand and how good headphones and other devices they have introduced to the world. 

Since you are here, you probably have Sony headwear and Mac but still having connectivity issues. So, how can you connect? Here we are in charge of bringing you information about your queries. 

Don’t worry, you are not alone, because Bluetooth devices often cause these problems. Without losing too much time let’s move further. But remember using too much headwear and listening to too much audio can cause you hearing problems.

Things To Learn Before Connecting

Every device has its connectivity and operations and requires a specific pattern to be followed for specific functionalities. And when it is about connecting to Mac in general, Sony headphones are no exception! The settings to be followed for this connectivity are; to ensure that Mac has a Bluetooth feature > place the headwear at least 3 feet between > check the battery > and turn on the Mac speaker. Once done, it’s time to connect it with Mac. 

  • Setting The Pairing Mode

Most new devices go automatically into pairing mode whenever you turn them on. But in case they don’t, what you are required to do is ‘press and hold the power button’ for about seven seconds. Normally it should be in pairing mode and if not, try to reset the settings of the headset or make sure that they are fully charged.

  • Check The LED

Wireless headsets mostly come with an LED light to show the availability to us. Once you hold the power button for seven seconds, the next thing is to check the LED light that is placed above the power button. If the LED light blinks the blue light, these buddies are more than ready. After blinking you will listen to the assistant voice which will be saying “Bluetooth Pairing.”

  • Go To Your Mac

The headsets are almost all set often but you will have to check your Mac. On your Mac, you should go to Settings > System Preference> Bluetooth icon. Here, you will find the name of the headset that you are using. For example, you can use Sony WH-1000XM4. Tap on the name of your headwear and connect. 

  • Choose The Speaker

All Mac devices require the changing speaker option. In this case, you should tap on the speaker icon that appears on the right part of the screen and then select again the name of the headset which you are using.

That’s all! Your Sony headsets are successfully connected to the Mac.

How To Disconnect from Mac

The important part of this blog is to connect your headset to Mac but yet many people are struggling a bit when they have to disconnect them. Disconnection is a lot easier than connecting because it only has one step to be done. For this, simply turn off the headphones. Yes! Confusing enough, the headsets need to be turned off!

Final Words!

In a nutshell, you can easily connect your headsets to your Mac by following 4 simple steps. First, adjust your headset pairing mode; second; check their LED light; third, go to your Mac; and fourth, choose the speaker. Don’t be ashamed that you went on Google to search “How to Connect,” as I mentioned that Bluetooth devices connection will always work in different ways. And yes, some of them can cause a little bit of trouble for new people. I hope that this blog will be really helpful whenever you need to connect your Sony headwear to your Mac.

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